Monthly Saving Shopping Tips

Monly Saving Shopping TipsMonthly Saving Shopping Tips - To avoid wasteful expenditure when the monthly, follow some of the following tips:
1. Make a list of weekly food menu, so we do not buy groceries that ultimately redundant.

2. Do not go shopping when hungry. We would be tempted to buy, because all the food on the shelves so it feels tempting.

3. Paste a note on the fridge, stuff what is up, so when shopping we look the other stuff.

4. Purchase of promotional products (down in price or buy 1 get 2), so next month should not buy the product again.

5. Save bon shopping, so we can compare prices this month and last month, and know when the price is cheap.

6. Record your groceries a month, so we know what items to make our wallets 'exploded'. Snacks? Or cleaning products?

7. Replace meat with protein foods, such as eggs or tofu, tempeh. The price is more friendly.

8. Find a product 'privilege' of each supermarket. For example, a supermarket fish prices cheaper than the supermarket B.

9. Buy the supermarket goods production. Wipes, floor cleaners, sugar, sometimes also produced supermarket. The quality is pretty good and obviously cheaper.

10. Do not buy just one item in a supermarket. The cost of petrol and parking is not worth the price of the goods we buy.

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